So… I like tea. I mean I really, really… reeeaaallllyyy like tea. I want to make my own blends eventually, but for now I have become addicted to Cara McGee’s blends on Adagio’s site.

I’ve never met or spoken to Cara (I observe from a distance of constant but unintentional lurking by way of following her blogs), but when I saw her dozens of blends and the snazzy art she does I couldn’t resist. I had been wanting to get into loose leaf tea and drag my sister with me. It just so happens my sister is a huge fanperson (Superwholock and so many more) and so my opportunity unfurled before me.

Fandom blends turned out to be the perfect hook into loose leaf. It’s been an interesting adventure so far. Maybe one of these days I’ll come up with some blends that are worth sharing with the world.

If you ever read this, Cara - thanks for all these great teas. They really make my days lighter.

- Wind Sama

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